Friday, May 29, 2009

A Big Thanks to Suncoast Pets!

~waving my paw at all of you that stopped by because of my Suncoast Pets friends over at Thanks guys!!
They have a great aquarium and pet store right near the big bridge on Panama City Beach where I live. If you are visiting PCB or live here be sure and check out their store and their website.

Suncoast Aquariums and Pet supplies in Panama City Beach, Florida

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

"EYES" taking people medicine now..

It's been awhile... That's because...

One morning the end of March I woke up with a headache so bad that I wouldn't get out of my crate and all I wanted to do was bury my head under my soft pink covers. When my SHE finally coaxed me out with a special treat, SHE noticed that my left eye was cloudy and I was squinting and it even looked a little swollen. So it was off to the vet. It wasn't my regular GUY, he was off and after some drops in both my eyes from another one of the GUYs, it was decided that there was some irritation and HE sent me home with some antibiotics. It was worse the next day and I was in terrible pain. So..... back to the vet and to my regular GUY. SHE had done some reading on the internet in the meantime and was worried that I might have glaucoma. (I thought that was a people problem, but SHE said no, dogs could have the problem too.) Well... SHE was right. My regular GUY, put more drops in my eyes and and did something they called a tonometry. HE said a big number and some big words and that the test confirmed I had acute glaucoma in my left eye. HE gave me an intravenous injection that seemed like forever for all the stuff to get inside me. HE sent home drops for my eye and medicine I was to take twice a day and told HER he wanted to recheck me the next day.

I started feeling a little better but my eye was still cloudy and bigger than my right. The next day my pressure was still high so HE called a veterinarian who specialized in opthamology and made an appointment for me to go see HIM. That involved a road trip. I love road trips but still didn't feel good so I kept my head buried while me made the two hour trip to see Dr. Carter. HE was an OLD man, but one of the kindest most gentle persons I have ever met. HE also knew his business! Another one of those long IV shots and HE changed my medicine. HE said the medicine I would be taking was the same medicine HUMANS who have glaucoma take. I felt pretty special and my eye was finally feeling a better. I saw him three more times before HE said I only needed to come back if I had any more problems, but that SHE would have to put the drops in my eye twice a day the rest of my life.

My left eye is a little bigger than my right now, but its no longer cloudy and looks like my other eye. Sometimes I think I can's see out of it quite as good but I can definitely see. The OLD GUY said I was lucky that SHE and my regular GUY acted so quickly. I could have easily lost my eyesight and maybe even my eye.

I got a letter from the OLD GUY recently. HE told me HE is retiring but HE referred me to another veterinarian opthamologist that studied under HIM. HE's even further away but that's ok.. I love road trips!

Come to find out the OLD GUY has taught opthamologic veterinary medicine at at least two Universities, and has written papers and speaks all over the US. I was truly lucky to be in such good hands and am sure that the new GUY the OLD GUY referred me to will be as good as HE was, but I will miss HIM and HIS kind eyes and soft voice. And hopefully, I won't have to go back for a long long time.