Monday, June 29, 2009

Its Summer.. and Its HOT!!

I'm so happy! My two best four-legged friends besides Chloe and Andy are here for the summer. They (Jake and Fergie) live in Colorado......... where its cool! I wonder if they like the HOT?

If you think my tongue is big..

you should see theirs!

If you have BIG tongue, a COOL tongue, or just a fun tongue pic, check out the blog contest over at Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures! Oh, heck.. check it out even if you don't!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

For my BFFs..

I am so eggs-cited! Jake and Fergie and their PEOPLE are on their way to visit me for the summer! That's Jake in the front and Fergie is behind him. Oh, and that is Mishka, the magnificent bear, who goes absolutely everywhere, keeping an eye on them! So... they are at the Dog Park in Salina, Kansas right now having all kinds of fun! Its suppose to be a very special Dog Park, maybe i will get to see it one day. Hope the rain stays ahead of them. I know what wet dog smell is like in the car.

I made that fantastic card above just to welcome them. (Yes, I am a most talented dog.. I make my own cards for m
y friends and PEOPLE with a little help from HER). Well, HER new "BFF" stamp set from Shirley's 2 Girls just arrived yesterday and was a perfect image for a welcome card to give my two Wire Haired Terriers friends, Jake and Fergie. They will be arriving Tuesday to spend the summer with me. The two dogs kinda look like a Wire and a Whippet, don't you think? I wish there had been two Wires instead of just one, but maybe when Jake looks at it he will think "COOL, that's me!!" and when Fergie looks at it she will think, " Zoe is sooooooo talented, she captured my image purrr-fectly!!"

P.S. You can follow their trip on their blog, Two Special Wires.

Jake enjoying the Dog Park in Salina. They're back on the road now heading toward Ottawa and Kansas City.